Perhaps I’m going about this all wrong.

I started in reverse, I think. Sure, I mentioned how I’m starting to give genres I previously disliked an honest chance, back in my first post. But from there, I went into full story mode without explaining what I’ve decided I want to do with this new OPCFG. That had to have been somewhat confusing.


Picture unrelated.

Put simply, what I want to do is chronicle my experiences playing these games, starting with vs. fighters – or as I referred to them in the mid ’90s, the bane of my existence. I suck at them, but maybe you’ll get a few laughs out of my blunders. As someone that has absolutely no idea how to activate the super power combo bar that seems to be present in pretty much every Capcom vs. fighter since about 1994 or so, or hell, someone that can barely throw a fireball in the original Street Fighter half the time, I’ll be lucky if I can hold my own for more than five minutes.


Never mind fireballs, I doubt I’ll ever be able to pull this off.

I have several vs. fighters that I intend to give a fair shot. From the original SNES port of Street Fighter II, to the 32X port of Virtua Fighter, to oddballs like the Super Famicom-only Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter and fan favorites like Soul Calibur, it’s going to be an interesting journey. I’m always open to suggestions for new games to try, as well.

Will I be able to put my dislike of vs. fighters aside forever, or not? Only time will tell.