Sometimes I wonder…

…if I talk about myself and my accomplishments too much. I realized last night, during a stream I was participating in, that I just couldn’t stop talking about the stuff I do or have done (mostly the latter). I mean, does anyone really want to hear about the lone interview I conducted with Yuzo Koshiro twenty years ago? Or that I was an “unofficial consultant” on Splatterhouse (2010)? Or any of the other boatload of things I’ve done in years past? I feel like I’ve been sounding like a broken record for years now.

I should be listening to the people that are out there now, doing things, making their own names for themselves, instead of constantly interjecting with comments like “yeah, I helped out with what was possibly the first English-language interview with the creator of Strider about a decade ago.” Or at the very least, if I’m going to talk about my ongoing projects, I should just talk about the current ones and try not to be a constant shill for my work in the process, which sounds like a very fine line to tread.

Or maybe I need to just shut up completely, I don’t know. If you plan to comment on this, be honest. I’d prefer it.

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